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SAMS® monitor your location from right here in Adelaide

Our insistence to retain all monitoring operations in South Australia is a big point of difference for SA Security Monitoring (SAMS®).

Our central monitoring station was purpose-built at Underdale and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (not sub-contracted interstate as are many of our competitors’ services.)

Our service is approved by the SA Police and complies to Grade A1 Australian Standards. Importantly, it has also been approved by insurers who offer discounted premiums of up to 20% to owners of monitored security systems.


We are industry accredited as a quality service provider

Our company is an accredited corporate Gold Member of The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL). This is the peak national body for the Australian security industry, dedicated to promoting standards and safeguarding public interests.

Our Monitoring Station is fully accredited with The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL).

Monitoring is vital to the effectiveness of your security system

Any changes detected by your equipment are instantly reported back to our operators.

SA Security Monitoring (SAMS®) can quickly respond to notify the appropriate contacts, police and emergency services, or a patrol guard to verify the premises.

We have the capability to communicate with your alarm system through a number of paths, offering increased security and redundancy:

Digital Dialler Monitoring (PSTN)

Standard monitoring for alarm systems via data communication over a phone line connection.

Direct Wireless and GPRS Monitoring

Using the 4G network, GPRS communicates akin to mobile phone data technology, offering high end security with a multitude of redundancy options.

These units also poll at regular intervals (60 seconds, 1hr & 12hr) depending on the plan setup and the level of monitoring required. If polling, or signals fail to communicate, our Central Monitoring Station is alerted and we can take the appropriate action.

*No active phone line to premises needed. (eg. NBN, Naked ADSL, monitoring of remote sites, temporary monitoring)*

Direct Wireless and GPRS Monitoring
Emizon IP Monitoring

Monitoring technologies

We primarily utilise SCSI DirectWireless GPRS, Innerrange Multipath and Permaconn GPRS Modules.  These modules have the ability to utilise SIM cards and Internet (IP) monitoring over NBN, as a path of communication to our base station. Each module gives users the ability to connect to and arm/disarm their alarm systems via mobile and smart devices.

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