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SA Security Monitoring (SAMS®) install CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) & IP cameras, providing surveillance of your home or commercial premises.

We also offer IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV Systems, which are the latest surveillance system technologies – such as Hikvision cameras which offer a far superior quality of video resolution over existing analogue cameras.

Additional benefits of CCTV include:

  • Provides a deterrent to burglary
  • Multiple viewpoints from various angles are possible
  • Identification of intruders
  • Encrypted data response sent directly to our monitoring centre
  • Our experienced monitoring staff within our control room can determine appropriate steps should an alarm be activated
CCTV & IP Cameras
CCTV & IP Security Camera Systems

If CCTV is to be installed at your home or business premises, our licensed security specialists are able to design the correct system for you, including the best placement for your camera/s. Be it single camera for your home, or a network IP solution over a large industrial complex or shopping centre.

The surveillance can be recorded onto a Network Video Recorder (NVR). The digital recorder can also be connected to the internet, to provide remote access via your desktop or mobile device.

If you have an existing analogue camera system with poor quality resolution, we can potentially retrofit your system utilising the same cabling to IP CCTV Cameras and a NVR.

We can even mix and match high resolution to low on the same system utilising a combination of existing CCTV Security Systems and new camera solutions. This can save you a great deal of money but get you into new camera technology.

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