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Video Verification Alarm System

The Videofied system from SA Security Monitoring (SAMS®) records video when an alarm is activated, allowing any alarm to be verified for authenticity by sight.

The video is immediately sent to our Monitoring Station where our operators can action an intrusion or verify a false alarm.

Recorded video allows for immediate police despatch, so there are no more false alarms. Your privacy is assured, because the video footage is not constant but only activates when triggered by an alarm.

The system can be either wired into your existing alarm system, or be installed without wires or phone lines as a completely portable alarm system.

The Videofied system works day or night, indoors and outdoors. With no AC power required and up to 4 years battery life, so you are secure even in a blackout.

How Videofied works:

  • Intruder breaks in
  • Alarm triggered
  • Camera activated
  • 10 sec. clip recorded
  • Video sent to Security
  • Police alerted
  • Intruder arrested

Videofied system features:

  • No more false alarms
  • Verified intrusion enables prompt police response
  • Motion sensor activated, IR camera with night vision
  • Totally wireless – uses GPRS network independent of phone lines
  • Requires no AC power, with up to 4 years battery life
  • Records 10 second video of intrusion event. 2-way voice can verify alarm
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Alarm video is automatically sent to our Monitoring Station
  • Integrates with existing alarm systems
  • Simple Fob arming/disarming
  • Connectable to up to 20 devices (sirens cameras, sensors, keypads, contacts)

This Videofied footage is the property of SA Security Monitoring, and has been sourced from a prominent Adelaide builder. The visual verification ensured faster police response and attendance.

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